ISSN 2311-2484


Title Water Masses off Sarawak Waters, Malaysia
Author/s Ann Aletheia Manson, Aazani Mujahid, Ejria Saleh and Liew Ju Neng
Source International Journal of Research In Earth & Environmental Sciences pg 01-07 Vol 19. No. 01, 2020

Prime Marine Scientific Expedition 2009 (PMSE’09) was organized by Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation through the National Oceanography Directorate (NOD). This expedition focusing on data gathering with core aim on physical oceanography of the South China Sea (SCS) along Sarawak waters from 20 June 2009 to 29 June 2009. The physical properties of seawater were obtained using ‘Conductivity-Temperature-Depth’ (CTD) profiler from ocean surface to water depth of 523 m. Measurement were done at 62 stations with furthest distance offshore is approximately 471 km. The main purpose of this study was to identify the water masses features of Sarawak coastal waters based on T-S diagram. The constructed vertical profiles showed that salinity increases towards the sea bottom whereas temperature decreases as water depth increase. Five water masses identified existed in Sarawak water namely Continental Shelf Water (CSW), Open Sea Water (OSW), Maximum Salinity Water (MSW), Permanent Thermocline Water (PTW) and Water Mass 1 (WM1) which is derived from the mixed of OSW and MSW masses. Water mass identification is essential to understand …..

Keywords Vertical structures, T-S diagram, water mass, Sarawak waters, South China Sea
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