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Research Review: By using SEM (Structure Equation Model) to Analysis the Influencing Factors between Economic and Health Status in the District of Jayapura

Author/s Septevanus Rantetoding
Source International Journal of Research in Medical and Health Sciences pg 1-12 Vol 32. No. 01– 2019

This research was conducted through a survey of the implementation of health development in order to improve implementation of Human Resource Economics. Eksplanative design selected for this study to test the hypothesis in structural equations to analyze the influencing factors of health development in the context of economic development of human resources. Thus, this study used quantitative and qualitative methods, in which the hypothesis was being tested using empirical and primary data for the purpose of development theory and explain the research problem that has been proposed by previous researchers. The analysis keen on answering the problem and proofing the hypothesis by using descriptive analysis and SEM (Structural Equation Model). The results showed that …….

Keywords Health Development, Human Resources Economic
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Title The Difference of total Panss Scores between Male’s Schizofrenia that Treatment by Risperidon with Addition of Vitamin C and those only gets Risperidon at Prof M. Ildrem Psychiatric Hospital Medan
Author/s Muhammad Yusuf, Elmeida effendy, Mustafa Mahmud Amin
Source International Journal of Research in Medical and Health Sciences pg 13-33 Vol 32. No. 01– 2019

Schizophrenia affecting approximately about 1% of the population and one of the mental disorders that most often causes paralysis and expensive costs in the long run throughout the world. Vitamin C has been suggested to be useful in treating chronic schizophrenia and is useful in conjunction with other compounds for slow down development disease parkinson’s …….

Keywords Schizophrenia, Vitamin C, Total PANSS score
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IJRMHS_Vol32_P2_May 19_Muhammad Yousaf