ISSN 2307-227X


Title EU Ship Recycling Regulation: Evolution in the Institutional Framework of Ship Recycling
Author/s Georgios Samiotis, Konstantinos Charalampous
Source International Journal of Research in Social Sciences pg 01-11 Vol 35. No. 01– 2020

Ship construction today requires a wide variety of materials, which on the one hand have environmental impacts and on the other, are economically valuable. This introduced ship dismantling, recent years reveal a slow, but promising process of change both in environmental terms, as well as in safety and human life protection. A key element of this change seems to be the improvements brought about by complementing existing national but mainly international (IMO) and European Community (EU) regulatory regimes. Although the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships (2009) (Hong Kong Convention) is not in force yet, the principal features of ……..

Keywords Ship breaking, Ship recycling, Ship dismantling Basel Convention (BC), 2009 Hong Kong Convention (HKC), Regulation (EC) No 1013/2006 (WSR),1257/2013 EU Ship Recycling Regulation(EU SRR)
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Title Social and Economic contributions of Air Tanzania Limited as a National Carrier
Author/s Constantine Busungu
Source International Journal of Research in Social Sciences pg 12-23 Vol 35. No. 01– 2020

This paper examines historical development Air Tanzania Limited (ATCL) and analyses its social- economic benefits as a national carrier. In Tanzania, like most of African countries after colonial era national air lines flourished because road and rail networks were not well developed due to financial issues, terrain, and rainy seasons.
Indeed, ATCL will act as a springboard to promote and bringing more tourists to Tanzania which has many pristine tourism attractions not yet fully utilized. ATCL will help to opens up opportunities in other sectors such as …….

Keywords Air Tanzania Limited, Social and Economic Contributions, Future Perspective and Potential Value Additions
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