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Title Community Participation in Tourism Development of  Rupat Island Bengkalis District
Author/s Meyzi Heriyanto, Adianto, Hasim Asari
Source International Journal of Research in Social Sciences pg 01-06    Vol 37. No. 01– 2020

The homeland of Malay with the charm of tourism has become a movement of Riau Province’s efforts to develop and innovate tourism in Riau. Tourism potential in the coastal region of Riau Province is located on Rupat Island, Bengkalis Regency. Rupat Island has a lot of natural charm that is still beautiful and still natural, the beach scenery with a panoramic view of white sand beaches that can captivate the visitors. Rupat Island still has many beaches that have not yet been explored, so cooperation from all parties is needed to develop including the community. The ability of the community to participate in exploring the tourism potential in their region will have a socio-economic impact on the community in the surrounding area. The purpose of this study was to find out and analyze community participation in tourism development in the coastal area of ​​Rupat Island, Bengkalis Regency. This study uses qualitative research with a case study approach. The informants in this study were the Village Head at the location of the tourist attraction and the community. Data collection is done by interviews and field observations. The results of the study found that community participation in tourism development in the Rupat Coastal Area of ​​Bengkalis Regency  ……..

Keywords Community Participation, Tourism Development and Tourism Policy
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