ISSN 2307-227X


Title Neighborhood Characteristics and Prevalence of Crime: Evidence from Kiambu County in Kenya
Author/s Kenneth Seth Omonya, Jospeter M. Mbuba, Christopher N. Kiboro
Source International Journal of Research in Social Sciences pg 01-09    Vol 39. No. 01– 2020

Using a population of 245,820 subjects comprising business owners, security agents and area residents within three administrative locations in Kiambu County, Kenya, this study utilized a descriptive research design and linear regression models to examine the relationship between physical facilities and the incidence of crime. The study focused on the possible effects of built environments as well as natural environments on crime prevalence. It was found that an increase in physical facilities, with respect to unregulated liquor stores, abandoned buildings and commercial areas, leads to a pro rata increase in the incidence of crime, and that different types of facilities attract different kinds of crime. It was also found that the type of natural environment surrounding a place has a strong correlation with the incidence of crime, and that some facilities and environments attract a higher volume of crime than others, even after controlling for socio-demographic characteristics. The effects and policy implications of these and other findings of the study are   ……..

Keywords Crime Prevention, Public Safety, Neighborhood Characteristics, Physical Facilities
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