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Title Physical and Chemical Parameters and Nutrient Levels in Agneby River (Ivory Coast) and Impact of Water Quality
Author/s Koffi Richard N’Guessan, Benie Rose Danielle Aboua, Yao Aristide Konan, Romeo N Guessan Lozo, Julie Estelle Niamien-Ebrottie, Essetchi Paul Kouamelan.
Source International Journal of Research In Earth & Environmental Sciences pg 01-04 Vol 17. No. 01, 2020

This study was conducted to determine physico-chemical parameters and nutrient levels on a seasonally basis of Agnéby river in the southern regions of Ivory Coast. Theses parameters were analyzed at ten sampling stations situated along the watercourses in the period of rainy season (November 2011 and July 2012) and dry seasons (August 2011 and February 2012). The highest average values of pH, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity were determined as 7.34, 28.25°C, 267 µS/cm, 8.15 mg/l and 66.2 NTU, respectively. Nutrients varied according sampling sites but showed no significant differences between dry and rainy seasons. The obtained results indicate …..

Keywords Physicochemical, Nutrients, Agnéby, Quality, Season
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Title Pollutant Standard Index and Air Quality Index of the Dry Season Criteria Air Pollutants of Port Harcourt and Its Environs, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Author/s Antai, Raphael E, Osuji, Leo C, Obafemi, Andrew A, and Onojake, Mudiaga C
Source International Journal of Research In Earth & Environmental Sciences pg 05-29 Vol 17. No. 01, 2020

Pollutant standards indices (PSI) were computed for each study area to indicate the concentration level of each pollutant in the study area, while air quality indices were computed to show the degree of air pollution effects on human health in Port Harcourt and its environs. The Air Quality index (AQI) revealed the health effects on people in the respective study area may be experienced. Results of AQI indicated that Eleme, Obio/Akpor and Port Harcourt are most polluted areas compared to Oyigbo, Ikwerre Local Government Area (LGA) and Etche in the dry season…..

Keywords Pollutant Standard Index, Air Quality Index, Dry Season, Criteria Air Pollutants
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