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To make IJSK content accessible to more readers and encourage further scholarship in this area, it is key that college, university, and agency libraries around the world license IJSK. We appreciate you encouraging your library to subscribe.

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Dear Librarian or Library Liaison,

I recommend that the library subscribe to:


 ISSN:      IJSK 2305-1493     IJRSS:  2307-227X    IJRMHS:  2307-2083 IJRAFS: 2311-2476  IJREES: 2311-2484 

1.       Computing and Information Technology (IJSK)

2.      Social Sciences (IJRSS- International Journal of Research In Social Sciences)

3.      Medical and Health Sciences (IJRMHS- International Journal of Research in Medical and Health Sciences)

4.    Agriculture and Food Sciences ( IJRAFS – International Journal of Research in Agriculture and Food Sciences)

5.      Earth and Environmental Sciences (IJREES – International Journal of Research in Earth And Environmental Sciences)



I recommend these journals for the following reasons:

 BENEFIT TO LIBRARY: The journal’s high quality content will benefit the research and teaching mission of our institution.

 REFERENCE: I will regularly use this journal and will also recommend articles to colleagues and students.

 PUBLISHING VENUE: As the only applied research journal on this topic that is peer-reviewed, it is a valuable publishing vehicle for members of our academic community.

 MY AFFILIATION: I am a reviewer and/or contributing author. I strongly support this journal and will use it regularly.


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